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Welcome to PICA.UK : Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis Corporation (Europe)

PICA UK provides pipeline inspection services using our various patented in-line electromagnetic tools. Pipelines inspected are cast-iron, ductile iron and steel, water and waste water, in the Municipal market and cooling water or fire-fighting water mains in power stations and other plants. Our pipeline inspection tools come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every application. Join the many water, wastewater, oil, gas, and nuclear companies around the world who have used our state of the art pipeline inspection tools to help them inspect the condition of their pipelines and save them money.

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pipeline inspection
pipeline inspection
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pipeline inspection
pipeline inspection
About PICA Pipeline Inspection
PICA has been performing pipeline inspection and assesments worldwide since the early 1990’s. Our sister company Russell NDE Systems Inc. designs and manufactures the Tools. Our UK office serves the European pipeline inspection market.

Our specialty is a unique electromagnetic technology, contained in flexible, pressure sealed, in-line inspection tools, that allows ferritic pipe materials (ductile iron, cast-iron and steel) to be inspected for corrosion pits, graphitization, eroded areas and cracks. Customers who take a proactive approach to assessing the condition of their buried assets using our tools report savings in the hundreds of thousands of euros, and in one case over 10,000,000 Euros.

Our strength is in our people. Our sister company employs the team that engineered the original Hydroscope tools and have since gone on to develop even better electronics, hardware and software used in our SeeSnake and HydraSnake tools to inspect oil and gas pipelines. PICA, the operating arm of the group, has a seasoned team of engineers who manage our field services and a gifted data analysis team who report the results of the pipeline inspection work to our clients.

Our clients are world-wide water and waste water , Gas, Oil, Nuclear, Private pipeline owners and operators. Typically they are progressive companies who wish to pro-actively manage their buried assets and extend their pipelines’ useful life past the original expected life of 100 years. They also enjoy the benefit of being able to place a value on their buried assets by quantitatively knowing their condition, and being able to make informed decisions on spot repairs, re-habilitation or replacement.

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pipeline inspection
For further information regarding pipeline inspection services please contact us

PICA - Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis (UK) Corp Ltd

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* BLANKET® PROBE - Latest Innovative Technology *

PICA pipeline inspection can now offer the state of the art BLANKET® probe for use worldwide. The BLANKET® probe is an easy to use , cost effective way to detect pipeline corrosion.

The BLANKET® probe simply straps around the pipe in increments and detects internal / external corrosion using electromagnetic fields using TT.

For further information on the the BLANKET® probe click here


Pipeline Inspection Services
Pipeline inspection services for United Kingdom and Europe

Through Transmission Technique able to inspect a live pipe with insulation layer up to 75mm.

Bracelet Probe information page

Bracelet Probe for live pipeline inspection
Worlds most advanced and accurate pipeline inspection tools

Free swimming tools

Tethered Tools

Can inspect lined and unlined pipelines

All Tools Bi Directional

Offshore Service Providers

Over 40 Years field experience in NDT

As well as our patented in-line electromagnetic tools we can offer pipelne inspection services using:

MFL Technology (Fast and accurate, inspection speeds of 0.5 - 4 m/s)

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

High accuracy corrosion inspection
The MFL tool is designed with the highest density of Hall sensors (radial, axial and tangential) in a true gapless, sensor arrangement. Each sensor pad is of integrated rugged design, incorporating ID/OD sensors and quality sensors for lift-off and magnetization level. At the same time the design of the measuring system offers sufficient flexibility to scan the near weld zone as accurate as possible. The sensor pads are combined on low friction magnetic yokes, which are arranged in such way that the tool is able to pass through 1.5D radius bends and 25% diameter reductions.

Bidirectional operation
Our MFL tool distinguishes itself from other tools in the market in that it is a versatile tool. The tool can be equipped with cups for long distance operation in transmission lines; it can also be equipped with special design discs for bidirectional operation, which opens new frontiers in MFL inspection. Sub-sea pipelines ending in well heads or sub sea manifolds, jetty lines, tank-farm lines, flow lines, unpiggable lines can be inspected using the same tool.

Reporting standards
We strives to use the most up to date norms and standards for its tool specification and reporting. Remaining strength calculations are performed with, but are not limited to, ASME B31.G-2009, Rstreng-5, DNV-RP-F101 and Shell 92. Corrosion growth calculations are performed upon request.
MFL corrosion inspection service from sizes 6” to 42” inch. Specification sheets, other pipeline sizes and multi diameter tools are available upon request.

RFT Technology (Inspection of pipelines with internal lining)

UT Technology (Inspection of heavy walled Pipelines)



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